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You can receive up to $200 in your Uber Cash balance annually by adding your American Express® Platinum Card as a payment method on your Uber account. The Amex Benefit is distributed to your Uber Cash balance in monthly increments of $15, plus a $20 bonus in December (for $35 total in December). Your Amex Benefit in Uber Cash can be used for …

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23-06-2021  · Qualifying for Amex Platinum: Must have excellent credit. $550 annual fee. You can apply for a new card online. What Comes with Platinum: Eats Pass membership. $200 Amex Platinum Uber credits annually. 10x bonus points from U.S gas stations and grocery stores. Foreign Travel benefits. Global Lounge Collection; Access to handpicked luxury hotels.

Amex Platinum Card – Maximizing Monthly Uber Credits [2021]


01-09-2021  · Add your Amex Platinum card to your Uber account to receive your monthly cash. Image Credit: Uber. Linking your Amex Platinum card to your account will also prompt you to activate a complimentary 12-month Eats Pass subscription, which saves you …

Uber Benefits & Eats Offer for Cardmembers – American Express


As a Platinum Card Member, you’ll get $15 each month automatically loaded to your Uber Cash account for rides or eats orders that month, plus a $20 bonus in December [1].You can use Uber Cash for multiple purchases – you just can’t roll over any unused credit to the next month.

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25-06-2019  · As an Amex Platinum Card member, you’ll receive monthly Uber credits. These come in the form of Uber Cash inside the app, which you can then apply toward your Uber rides for reduced fares. By simply connecting your card to your Uber account, you can earn enough Uber credits to offset the cost of an Uber ride, or even get a no-cost fare.

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23-06-2021  · The Amex Platinum offers $200 a year in Uber credit split into $15 monthly credits with a $35 credit in December. Amex Gold gives cardholders a $10 monthly uber credits. In order to enjoy these credits your card needs to be enrolled. These Uber credits can be used for Uber rides or Uber Eats which makes the benefit more versatile.

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31-12-2020  · How to use Amex Platinum Uber credits. While you can earn up to $200 in Uber credits a year with the Platinum Card, you don’t get the full value all at once. Instead, you get up to $15 in Uber …

How to claim the AMEX Platinum Uber credit – Quora


Answer: Well, per the terms and conditions: Premium Uber Benefit Only Basic Card Members on a Consumer Platinum Card or Centurion account are eligible for Uber VIP and the monthly Amex Benefit ("Amex Benefit"). To receive this benefit, you must have downloaded the Uber App version 3.219 or late…

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Amex Platinum – Does anyone have any Uber/Uber Eats tips or tricks on how to better utilize the $15 credit? I mean, I’m glad there is the Uber Eats option as I’ve almost never needed/taken an Uber ride. But where I live, only McDonald’s is close enough for a $3.99 delivery fee (recently increased) and everything else is $9.50 for delivery.

How to use the Amex Gold’s $10 monthly Uber credit – The …


06-02-2021  · Amex Gold’s Uber benefits. Besides a terrific return on food purchases and monthly dining credit, the Amex Gold Card now comes with up to $120 in annual Uber Cash. This comes in the form of an up to $10 monthly Uber Cash credit and could be used on both Uber Eats orders and Uber rides in …

FAQ uber credit amex platinum

Can I use my AMEX Platinum card to pay for Uber?

You can receive up to $200 in your Uber Cash balance annually by adding your American Express® Platinum Card as a payment method on your Uber account. The Amex Benefit is distributed to your Uber Cash balance in monthly increments of $15, plus a $20 bonus in December (for $35 total in December).

How many Uber accounts can I get the AMEX benefit on?

An eligible Platinum Card or Centurion Card may receive the Amex Benefit on one Uber account. If the same Card is added to multiple Uber accounts, only the first Uber account to which the Card is added will receive the Amex Benefit.

How do I get the Uber credit?

You won’t receive the credit all at once — instead, it’s divided into up to $15 per month, with an additional $20 in December. The Uber credit isn’t automatic — you must add your Platinum Card to your Uber account and select your Uber Cash balance as a payment method.

How do I claim Uber cash on my American Express card?

The American Express Gold Card now comes with monthly Uber Cash credits. Claiming it is as simple as a few taps on your phone. Once your card is linked to the Uber app, your credits will automatically be deposited to your account each month, with no further action necessary. Just remember to use your credits each month as they don’t carry over.

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