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29-09-2019  · My build list on what I have done to the Tahoe so far. More coming!SUBSCRIBE!IG @QuiseeWilliams

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22-01-2019  · My Instagram: @that_waxed_hoe

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24-11-2021  · Squatted 2008 Chevy Tahoe 1.0.0. Just your average Squatted Tahoe on some nice Rims and lift. Enjoy! Feel free to join my Discord for more. Including LEO Cars & Liverys and more squatted and leveled trucks! • Do not rip off or resell/leak any of our products • Any giving out or sharing of our products will result in a server ban and a …

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16-05-2020  · THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW BELOWMY YOUTUBE CHANNELhttps://www.youtube.com/c/thatwidebowtieMY …

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02-06-2019  · Squatted Tahoe Saucing on 24×147.5 Inch FTS LiftIG:LaidbackhoeI do not own the rights to music in video!

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06-02-2021  · Join my FiveM Community! — https://discord.gg/4GGustcR35- -Music — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fK1kA9Q-3Y- -My Discord — Pluto#4200- -TikTok — p…

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Squatted trucks. 3,023 likes · 8 talking about this. This page is for those of you who own squatted trucks. Come on here and show builds and share progress …

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Update on 13th September 2021: Squatted trucks banned in North Carolina. North Carolina Bans Squatted Trucks. The trend of Carolina Squat shot up over the past few years. And this got the attention of lawmakers. In May 2021, North Carolina House of Representatives passed a bill to put a stop to the Carolina Squat trend.

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Just your average Squatted Tahoe on some nice Rims and lift. Enjoy! Feel free to join my Discord for more. Including LEO Cars & Liverys and more squatted and leveled trucks!

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26-04-2021  · The trend is also known as truck squat, truck lean, squatted truck, or the Carolina lean, and it has mainly caught on in North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia. Truck modification culture has also adopted the trend to some degree, with certain aftermarket parts manufacturers acquiescing to the market demands and bringing out truck squat modification …

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Do High-Performance Trucks come pre-squatted?

There are several high-performance trucks on the market right now, and it’s no surprise that none of them come pre-squatted. The Carolina Squat renders trucks virtually useless in terms of performance and for carrying any cargo, and visibility over the hood is extremely reduced. And those aren’t the only problems the Carolina Squat brings with it.

Is the Carolina squat for trucks a good idea?

The Carolina Squat can be prominently featured on truck forums or on Facebook truck groups. Some of the best trucks, as well as trucks people may avoid, have been modified to squat. Some trucks are better avoided, while others are highly rated and affordable. Unfortunately, the Carolina Squat is very impractical, and also very dangerous.

Is it safe to drive a truck that has been squatted?

Altogether, a perfectly standard truck safe to drive on the open road has now become a liability to the driver and a danger to others once squatted, and even the best performance trucks on the market seem to be victims of this trend. Thankfully, there are ways for drivers to repair their vehicles, so they stay level and no longer squat.

Where did the squatting trend originate?

The trend actually didn’t originate in Carolina as the name suggests, it was born out of Baja Racing in California and became popular after hundreds of drivers posted photos of their squatting vehicles on Instagram.

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