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Que paso | Spanish to English Translation – SpanishDict


Translate Que paso. See authoritative translations of Que paso in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

¿qué pasó? | Spanish to English Translation – SpanishDict


Translate ¿qué pasó?. See authoritative translations of ¿qué pasó? in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

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que paso translation in Spanish – English Reverso dictionary, see also ‘aeropuerto de paso’,ave de paso’,bote de paso’,ceda el paso’, examples, definition, conjugation

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Translation of "que paso" in English. I spend I pass what’s up. that step. that I happen. I’ve spent. I go through. I spent. you step. to step.

What Does Que Pasa Mean In English?


What’s Que Paso Mean? In Spanish, “que paso” means “that I pass.”. It is extremely common to hear “Qué pas*” in California. In this case, it is exactly the same as “Qué pasa?” as a greeting. In addition, it can be used to ask, “What happened?”.

What is the English translation of ‘Que paso’? – Quora


Answer (1 of 4): (Translation into British English- regional dialects and other forms of English may vary) A free translation (where meaning is preserved but natural forms of Target Language are used) could range from “ Allright?” to “How’s it going” …

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26-03-2021  · GAWVI – Qué Pasó (English Translation) Lyrics: This fire is going to burn you / This fire is going to burn you / This fire is going to burn you / …

Texas Tornados – (Hey Baby) Que Paso – English Version …


(Hey Baby) Que Paso – English Version Lyrics: Hey, baby, que paso? / Thought I was your only vato / Hey, baby, que paso? / Please don’t leave de ese modo / Come on, baby, turn around / …

FAQ que paso in english

What does no sé que pasó mean?

No sé que pasó. v. I don’t know what happened. "do you know what happened?" — "yes, I kno … –quedamos en un bar –¿y luego qué pasó?

What does “qué pasa” mean?

Qué pasa? is a present tense question. Or could mean que pasa but that needs a noun and a context. “El auto que pasa por aquí.” (the car that drives around here) is simple present.

What does ¡Que Pasa Hombre¡ mean?

Intonation can do a lot of things. If the speaker sounds amazed and neither angry nor alarmed, then “¡Que pasa hombre¡ ” means either ‘What a raisin, man!’ or ‘What a man raisin!’ What is the English translation for "a ver que pasa"?

What does Creo que Paso Un tiempo en prisión mean?

Creo que paso un tiempo en prisión. I understand that you did some time in prison. Espero que tengas tiempo para decirnos lo que paso. I hope you’ll make some time and tell us everything that happened. Pienso que paso demasiado tiempo con Jack O’Neill. I think I’ve been hangin’ around Jack O’Neill too much.

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