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What’s the Deal With Merle Color in Dogs—American Bully

They include ‘blue’ merles, ‘red’ merles and ‘cryptic’ merles. 1.) Blue Merles. Although they are called ‘Blue Merles’ the fact is that this color of American Bully is actually gray with patches of black. In some types of lighting, a blue merle’s coat can …

Meet Aftermath: The 130lb Superstar Merle Bully | BIG DOGZ …

06-02-2020  · MEET Aftermath – one of the rarest dogs in the world, whose owner describes him as a “street legal snow leopard”.The four-year-old, 130lb giant was the world…


17-11-2019  · The Merle Coat Pattern has no place in the American Bully breed. Merle American Bullies are prone to eye and ear abnormalities, partial to total …

Merle Bullies | Kouture Kennels | United States

kouture kennels is a licensed breeding program, owned and operated by gabrielle roberts kouture. we are based out of south florida. we have been strategically breeding the american bully breed since 2015 and created the first exotic merle lines in 2016. merle is now quickly growing in popularity in the bully community. here at kouture kennels we strive to create the most …

21 Things You Should Know About Merle Pitbulls – Ned Hardy

28-05-2020  · Merle bully’s have been recognized by ABKC as “blotched” you can register them, they can not compete though. Reply. Gdog says. May 30, 2020 at 8:05 am.

Muscle Merles – American Bully, Muscletone Bullys

World’s Best Merle Bully breedings done right! There are no shortcuts! We are proud to have the World’s best Merle American Bully blood combinations with legitimate ABKC “Blotched” lineage. $250 60-min. Consultation (Will also count as deposit towards a puppy or Stud credit purchase) Scroll Down For Puppies and Breedings 240-518-4139.

Ultimate Bullyz – Merle Puppies, French Bulldog, American …

Top Quality Merle & Tri Breeder’s. We have been in the breeding business for over 20 years. We specialize in unique and rare colored American Bullies and French Bulldogs. Merle and tri patterns in all colors are our focus, although we do have standard colors as well.

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Merle Mansion Bullies. Merle Mansion Bullies is more than just a company, we are a family with a story. We started our journey in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with one thing in mind; which is being: "A better way to bully". With love and care, we are driven to become a staple in the industry, with one main focus; providing top quality American …

XL XXL Pitbull Puppies for Sale | merle american bully xl

XXL Merle Pitbulls & XL American Bully Puppies Worldwide. CRUMP’S will work with our puppy owners to assist in a pain free international pet shipping experience. Our XL Bully puppies for sale to Australia may require uncommon documentation, uncommon vaccines and a short quarantine period for import of your XL Pitbull puppy to BR.

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Why is my American Bully not a Merle?

Very occasionally you will find an American Bully that appears to have a normal coat but is, in fact, a merle and will pass on the merle genes to its puppies if bred. The reason for this rare coat, at this time, is unknown.

Are there any shortcuts to getting the best Merle bully?

There are no shortcuts! World’s Best Merle Bully breedings done right! There are no shortcuts! World’s Best Merle Bully breedings done right! There are no shortcuts! World’s Best Merle Bully breedings done right! There are no shortcuts!

What happens if you breed a merle with another Merle?

Breeding one merle with another merle will usually result in several of the pups being merles and some being so-called ‘double merles’. Unfortunately, this is what some breeders are doing and why there is a raging debate in the American Bully community right now because of the health problems associated with the merle mutation.

Why are double merle American Bully puppies killed as puppies?

Knowing that the chance of health problems in a double merle American Bully is very high, they are often killed as puppies when they are born because, frankly, breeders have a hard time selling them. This is often done before a breeder even knows if the puppy has health problems or not, which I think we all can agree is quite horrible.