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Visa Platinum Cashback Card | Credit Cards – HSBC LK

The HSBC Visa Platinum Cashback credit card gives you unlimited cashback on all your monthly purchases. Apply for your Visa Platinum Cashback Card today.

HSBC Cashback Credit Card – HSBC UAE

Request a callback Request a callback to apply for HSBC Visa Platinum Cashback Credit Card This link will open in a new window. Alternatively, we can process your card application with a quick phone call 5: 800 444 7773. From outside UAE call +971 4 224 1000.

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card | No Annual Fee – HSBC SG

If you’re an existing HSBC credit cardholder, you’re eligible for SGD30 cashback when you apply for the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card. And that’s not all – you’ll also receive an additional SGD30 cashback when you apply with Myinfo via Singpass. Other terms and conditions apply.

HSBC Visa Platinum Cashback Credit Card FAQs – HSBC EG

The My Rewards Points program is not available as one of the HSBC Cashback Credit Card features; therefore, in case of transfer to an HSBC Cashback Credit Card, the accumulated Rewards Points on the HSBC Visa Platinum, Premier or Advance Mastercard will …

FAQ hsbc visa platinum cashback

What are the benefits of the HSBC Visa Platinum Card?

Consumers with high consistent spend on food and petrol can maximise rewards–both in cashback and miles–with HSBC Visa Platinum Card. Consumers earn up to 5% cashback on local dining and groceries, 21% fuel savings at Caltex and Shell, and 0.4 miles per S$1 general spend (equivalent in value to 0.4% cashback).

Why choose HSBC cashback credit card?

Why choose HSBC Cashback Credit Card In a world full of difficult choices, at least the Cashback is easy. Enabled with VISA Paywave technology that allows contactless payments on your card, your globally accepted HSBC Cashback Card gives you unlimited cashback on all transactions.

How much does CSP cost on my HSBC credit card?

The monthly premium will be 0.60% of the monthly outstanding balance on your HSBC credit card. If you do not have an outstanding balance on your HSBC credit card statement date, then there would be no charge for CSP that month.

How do I get 15% off my airfares with HSBC cashback?

Get up to 15% off airfares (excluding applicable taxes, charges and fees) when you book with your HSBC Cashback Credit Card at This link will open in a new window from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2021, for travel dated up to 31 March 2022.