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Does it make sense to hold an Amex Platinum and Amex Gold …


16-03-2021  · For some, the Amex Gold’s lower annual fee, dining credit, Uber Cash and great bonus categories may even be a better fit than their Platinum card. But for those …

Having both Amex Gold and Platinum : amex


I currently have Amex Premiere Rewards Gold and am interested in the Platinum for the 60,000 points offer. If I were to apply and get approved for …

Amex Gold vs. Platinum: Which Is Best in 2021?


07-12-2021  · Which would you rather have: Amex Gold for two years or Amex Platinum for one? That’s basically what it comes down to. Because at $695, a single Amex Platinum annual fee would cover Amex Gold’s first two yearly membership fees (at $250 a pop) – and then some. Neither Amex Gold nor Amex Platinum has a foreign transaction fee.

New Bonuses! Amex Gold vs Amex Platinum 2021 Review (Best …


03-07-2021  · Both the Amex Gold and the Amex Platinum are two of the best travel rewards cards due to the 1:1 point transfers and flexible rewards options. Whether you want to maximize travel or dining purchases settles the Amex Gold vs Amex Platinum comparison. …

The Amex Platinum vs. Amex Gold Card [2021 Comparison]


21-11-2021  · Amex Platinum card members earn 5x Membership Rewards Points and Amex Gold card members earn 2x points for prepaid bookings. While benefits at The Hotel Collection are only valid once per stay, you can book up to 3 rooms and each room will receive the …

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15-11-2019  · The Amex Platinum costs $695 per year (See Rates), while the Business Platinum card has an annual fee of $595 (See Rates). I do have both cards, and it’s well worth it for me. I have no problem …

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18-11-2012  · Don’t have both yet, only the Platinum, but the main benefits of having both is so you have those airline perks (lounge access, $200 reimbursement, Global Entry fee waived) and more than 1x point per dollar (Gold card gives you that while Platinum is only 1 point for everything and 2 points if you book your travels at the AMEX website).

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Which is better Amex gold or AMEX Platinum?

Because at $695, a single Amex Platinum annual fee would cover Amex Gold’s first two yearly membership fees (at $250 a pop) – and then some. Neither Amex Gold nor Amex Platinum has a foreign transaction fee. So Amex Gold is the clear winner in this category. Rose Gold is back. You can now choose between Gold or Rose Gold.

What Hotel benefits do the AMEX Platinum and AMEX business cards overlap?

Access to an array of hotel benefits is one of the areas where these two cards overlap. With both the personal and business Amex Platinum, you’ll receive complimentary Gold status at Hilton and Marriott and have access to Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts.

Should you use the AMEX Platinum for airline fees?

Each card has an up-to- $200 annual airline fee credit, and while it isn’t as generous as the $300 travel credit you’ll get with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card (which can be applied to any travel purchase), the credit with the Amex Platinum cards is still very useful. (Here are some ways to use the airline fee credit .)

How do I earn membership rewards points with the AMEX Platinum?

With the Amex Platinum, you’ll earn 100,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $6,000 on purchases in your first six months of card membership (although you may be targeted for a higher offer via the CardMatch Tool ).