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Philodendron Golden Goddess Care: The Ultimate Growers …

16-07-2021  · The Philodendron Golden Goddess, commonly known as Malay Gold and Lemon Lime Philodendron is a rare hybrid plant that was created in Thailand. It prefers bright, indirect light and enjoys warm, humid conditions so misting the leaves occasionally is a good idea. Golden Goddess thrives in temperatures between 65 and 75ºF (18 and 24ºC).

Golden Goddess Philodendron #1 Care Guide (+ Pics!)

Golden Goddess Philodendron is a very showy, ornamental and rare hybrid plant otherwise known as Lemon Lime Philodendron or Malay Gold Philodendron. It boasts dramatic, long and large leaves in lime green that stop traffic and lifts everyone’s spirit if displayed as a …

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24-12-2020  · Golden Goddess philodendron is a spectacular climbing houseplant that features bold chartreuse foliage. Its dramatic leaves make it one of the most eye-catching houseplants you can grow. Visible from across the room, it’s sure to be one of the most stunning in your collection. When young, Golden …

Golden Goddess Philodendron Plant Care: Water, Sunlight …

Golden Goddess Philodendron needs 0.5 cups of water every 9 when it doesn’t get direct sunlight and is potted in a 5" pot.. Use our water calculator to personalize watering recommendations to your environment or download Greg for more advanced recommendations for all of your plants.

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Philodendron ‘Malay Gold’. Regular price. £32.00. Sale price. The Philodendron Golden Goddess is sure to brighten your day with its vibrant foliage! This fast-growing plant has large paddle-shaped lime green and buttery yellow leaves, which will add a pop of colour to your plant collection. These vigorous climbers may need some help to stay …

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Golden Goddess Philodendron | Philodendron moonlight plant | Neon Yellow Hybrid – Air Purifying ,Well Rooted in 4" Pot wishlistland 4.5 out of 5 stars (2,431) Sale Price $20.79 $ 20.79 $ 25.99 Original Price $25.99 (20% off …

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FAQ golden goddess philodendron

Is Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’ a climber?

Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’ is a climber. It has golden yellow foliage. It brightens up indoor space. It gets better with age.

How do you care for Philodendron Golden Goddess?

Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’ is a climber. It has golden yellow foliage. It brightens up indoor space. It gets better with age. If support is given to climb, it can grow up to 6′ height. Golden Goddess can be pruned to desired size and form. It retains color best in bright indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight.

How tall do Golden Goddess philodendrons grow?

With consistent care over time, it can climb 6 feet or more (becoming even more of a showpiece with age). Like many other philodendrons (as well as pothos, their close relatives), Golden Goddess will show off larger leaves if grown vertically and in warm, bright conditions.

What are the characteristics of Philodendron?

An interesting feature of philodendrons is that they do not usually have a single type of leaf on the same plant. They have juvenile leaves and adult leaves, which can be drastically different from one another. Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’ is a climber. It has golden yellow foliage.

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