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flyertalk amex platinum Get direct access to flyertalk amex platinum airline credit through official links for flyertalk amex platinum.

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American Express | Membership Rewards – FlyerTalk Forums

American Express | Membership Rewards – Discuss AMEX cards which earn Membership Rewards points including Everyday, Green, Gold, Platinum and Centurion. This forum also hosts limited discussion of co-branded airline and hotel cards issued by American Express, but program benefits, reward redemption and valuation topics

Which AA expenses trigger the Amex airline fee credit …

03-12-2019  · There’s a thread on FlyerTalk dedicated to the topic of which American Airlines expenses are reimbursed through the Amex airline fee credit. Here’s a quick rundown of what TPG didn’t test that FlyerTalk users have reliably reported works: Admirals Club memberships (2 data points) Admirals Club passes (2 data points)

Amex Platinum Card: Maximize Your $200 Airline Credit [2021]

01-09-2021  · However, guest access can be purchased for $29 per person (versus $50 for a standard day pass). If Delta is selected as your Amex Platinum’s airline, you will be reimbursed for their entry fee. Change Fees. Changing a trip’s date can be expensive, but your Amex Platinum’s incidental fee credit will cover the itinerary change fee.

Airline Credit FAQ : amex

Cheap (sub $100/$200) flights (at your own risk; depends on airline, look on FlyerTalk for data points) For Delta, you should use a $50 gift card when buying your ticket so that it codes as "additional payment." The additional payment amount must be lower than your remaining airline credit. There is a 100% success rate for data points if this …

How To Get Amex Platinum’s 100k, 125k, or 150k Bonus Offer

Terms Apply. For rates and fees of the Amex Platinum card, click here. UP’s Bonus Valuation*: $2,200 Must Reads: For more info on the Amex Platinum, see our thoughts on the cards incredible benefits and perks, which includes travel insurance coverage, car …

Amex Platinum Card – Using the $20 Digital Entertainment …

13-10-2021  · The Amex Platinum card is packed with valuable premium benefits that can save money, make your travel more comfortable, and provide protection when you need it. We estimate the value of the card to be nearly $5,000 each year if you utilize all the perks. Final Thoughts.

Platinum problem solvers: How Amex’s Concierge team …

04-03-2021  · There are similar stories of success and failure from the Amex concierge over at FlyerTalk, which may get your creative juices flowing for how you could best utilize the service. Other Amex Platinum benefits. Aside from the concierge benefit, The Platinum Card® from American Express offers lots of other valuable benefits.

How can I use my Amex airline fee credits?

08-08-2020  · The remaining airfare becomes an “additional collection” and has often triggered the Amex Platinum reimbursement credit. Here is a ticket I bought for my daughter in May with two Delta gift cards and I paid the remaining $44.60 with my Amex Plat, receiving the credit: (Screen grab courtesy of American Express) $5.60 per segment award ticket …

American Express Airline Fee Credit Guide [Platinum, Gold …

28-02-2021  · American Express Platinum ($200 Credit) American Express Hilton Aspire ($250 Credit) American Express Gold ($100 Credit) What is Officially Covered by the Fee Credit. Seat Assignment Fees. Bag Fees. In-Flight Fees for Food, Drink, & Entertainment. Airport Lounge Memberships or Day Passes. Ticket Change Fees.

Maximizing Amex Airline Fee Credit [2021]

20-02-2021  · Here in this post, we are putting a list together for known workarounds that trigger the Amex Airline Fee Credit from the points and miles community, mainly FlyerTalk.We monitor FlyerTalk closely so that when one of the following workarounds no longer works, we can update this post accordingly.

FAQ flyertalk amex platinum

How do I select my AMEX Platinum’s airline choice?

Thankfully, selecting your Amex Platinum’s airline choice is easy. Just head over to the American Express website, log in and select your Platinum Card (should you have more than one Amex card). Then, click on the Benefits tab on the bar at the top of the screen. View your remaining airline incidental fee credit on the Benefits page.

Can the AMEX Platinum Card’s airline incidental fee credit be used?

Like mentioned earlier, the Amex Platinum Card’s airline incidental fee credit cannot be used towards plane tickets, points purchases, or gift cards. There’s no doubt that this is frustrating, but thankfully, there are still plenty of great ways that you can spend the credit over the year.

What is the value of my AMEX Platinum Points?

The value of the points you earn through your Amex Platinum card varies based on how you use them. If you are booking travel through the Amex Travel Portal, you will get 1 cent per point in value. If you are booking travel through the Amex Travel Portal, you will get 1 cent per point in value.

Does the AMEX Platinum card include lounge access?

While the Amex Platinum includes extensive lounge access, it doesn’t include access to all of the U.S. carrier’s lounges. You can use your Amex Platinum’s credit to buy day passes to:

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