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Fluffy French Bulldogs


Fluffy French Bulldog Puppy. So proud of this baby. Now owned by Virginia Ann Pizano.Produced by Rare Bulldogs x Kim Evans. Thank you Virginia for sharing this video!!

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08-08-2021  · A fluffy French bulldog gets its long hair due to rare autosomal recessive gene that the French Bulldog parents carry. As word has gotten out about these long haired French Bulldogs, some French Bulldog kennels have begun intentionally breeding carriers of …

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Wat is een Fluffy Frenchie en hoe is deze ontstaan? De Franse Bulldog bestaat al sinds de 19e eeuw. Zoals met elke "Pedigree" hond, zijn ze een door de mensen gecreëerd ras. De Franse Bulldog is het resultaat van een kruising tussen Engelse Bulldoggen en Franse Ratters (terriërs). Men kan stellen dat deze lokale "ratten" honden kort en …

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18-11-2021  · French Bulldogs Cannot Swim. Whether fluffy or short-haired, French Bulldogs cannot swim. Portuguese Water Dogs they are not! Their bulbous heads and squat frame are to blame. As such, if you have a pool, make sure your Frenchie is never unsupervised around the water. If you take your fur baby to the beach, make sure they wear a canine life jacket.

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Long-haired French Bulldogs are like every other Frenchie when it comes to their body size, shape, bat-like ears and their lovable personality. However, their coats are what defines them from the rest. They have medium-length wavy hair that covers their ears, head, back, and chest giving them a unique fluffy look.



A Fluffy French Bulldog is not a crossbreed like many suspect them to be especially based off their appearance. While you may come across crossbred Frenchies, their physical appearance will be much different due to their different ancestry. In this case you can get long-haired French Bulldogs by breeding two purebred Frenchies together.

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The "Fluffy" French Bulldog – Presence of the Long Hair Gene. By Alison Morgan – Famous Frenchies Australia (2019) The long hair gene in canines, also known as Fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF) (1), is present within the French Bulldog population, along with all of the coloured combinations of blue, chocolate, cream and spotting.Only in the last two decades has science …

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