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$300 Amex Platinum Equinox Credit Guide [2021] – UponArriving


01-07-2021  · What is the $300 Equinox Credit? The $300 Equinox Credit is a perk offered by the American Express Platinum Card that provides you with a monthly $25 credit that you can use towards the following Equinox memberships: Equinox All Access, Destination, E by Equinox, or Equinox+ membership fees. In case you are not familiar, Equinox is a network of upscale gyms …

Amex Platinum – Using $25 Monthly Equinox Credits [2021]


29-10-2021  · Amex Platinum cardholders now have access to up to $300 worth of statement credits when they use their card at Equinox. Each month, $25 is reimbursed as a statement credit when you use your Amex Platinum card to pay for Equinox All Access, Destination, E by Equinox, or Equinox+ membership fees.

American Express Platinum $300 Equinox Credit Explained …


01-07-2021  · American Express Platinum $300 Equinox Credit Explained. American Express has added a number of new benefits to the Platinum card and increased the annual fee from $550 to $695. One of the new benefits is a $300 Equinox credit. You can receive up to $25 in statement credits per month (for a total of $300 annually) for eligible purchases.

How to Use Amex Platinum Card Equinox Credit: Save up to …


09-07-2021  · Amex Platinum cardmembers get up to $300 in Equinox credit every year — here’s how to use the benefit, even if you’re staying home Harlan Vaughn 2021-07-08T21:21:42Z

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American Express Equinox Discount With Amex Gold, Platinum …


05-01-2012  · Update: Amex is in the midst of updating the features on the Platinum Card. Please be aware that some information on this page might be outdated. We will update it once new information is available (expected today). American Express Gold, Platinum or Centurion card holders can get discounts at Equinox gym memberships. This is a lesser know perk …

Best use of $25/month Equinox credit : amex


The credit is set up to be very limiting, you can’t even use it for a single club membership. Definitely will not be able to drop into the gym and buy stuff at the gym to use it. Only way to get any value out of it without going all in on a multi-club membership appears to be a digital membership, which is $40 a year.

How to use your Amex airline fee credit | Million Mile Secrets


09-03-2021  · Amex cards that offer an airline-fee credit. These Amex cards come with airline-fee credits that reset each calendar year (terms apply): … $300 Equinox Credit: Get up to $25 back each month on select Equinox memberships when …

Holder of 2 platinum cards but can only use 1 Equinox credit


I just spoke w Amex & Equinox and although I have a Vanilla and a CS Platinum, I can only use 1 Equinox credit. This is because I’m single with only 1 Equinox membership. The benefit comes as monthly $25 credit after paying with the enrolled Platinum card. They don’t allow split payments. They won’t give a bulk credit for $300.

Final Month: Use These Statement Credits Now! – Eye of the …


01-12-2021  · The AMEX Dell credit is a real value. As Chris has mentioned previously, Dell sells a lot of other items other than Dell Computers. I just went and “purchased” my TurboTax software for 2021. I say purchased in name only since the Amex credit will fully pay for the software cost. Consider it a freebie. Thanks AMEX and Dell.

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How do I get $300 equinox credit from American Express?

The Platinum Card® from American Express offers up to $300 in annual credit for Equinox memberships. The credit is doled out up to $25 monthly when you pay for an Equinox membership with your card. You must enroll to receive the credits, and they don’t roll over — so use it or lose it.

What credit card has $25 monthly equinox credits?

Amex Platinum – Using $25 Monthly Equinox Credits [2021] The Amex Platinum card now has a higher annual fee but comes with up to $300 in statement credits for Equinox. Here’s how to use the credits. Skip to content UpgradedPoints.com Home GO MenuBest Cards Search Credit Cards Credit Card Guides Credit Card Reviews Best Credit Cards

What’s the difference between AMEX Platinum and AMEX equinox?

The Amex Platinum card now has a higher annual fee but comes with up to $300 in statement credits for Equinox. Here’s how to use the credits. Skip to content

How do I get statement credits for Equinox membership fees?

In each case, membership fees must be charged directly by Equinox or Equinox+ (as applicable) to their Platinum Card, to be eligible for statement credits. Eligible Card Members must be at least 18 years old, or must have the written consent of a parent or legal guardian if they are between the ages of 16 and 18.