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The platinum card is good tool for credit building, however, Discover is also another good one and they give generous CL increases. The only downside to using Discover is that it’s not as universally accepted as Visa/MC. For a student that doesn’t do much traveling I’d recommend getting Discover. 1. level 2.

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level 1. fittycal. · 4y. The Cap One Platinum is really a mediocre card meant for people with poor credit. It’s only positives are that it has no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee. Otherwise, it has a very high APR, no rewards, and no intro APR/sign up bonus.

Just got approved for a Capital One Platinum card. Advice …

Hi all, for those who don’t know me, I’m the indie developer who makes the CardPointers app which launched exactly 700 days ago right here on r/CreditCards.A ton has changed since launch thanks in large part to the great feedback from this sub (ya’ll rock!), and I just added the most requested feature — full offer tracking for all of your personalized American Express, Bank of America, Chase …

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So I have a CapitalOne Platinum card with a $500 credit limit that I’ve been paying off in full each month since March 1. My monthly income is $3,900 before taxes, and I think I should be able to secure a higher credit limit than $500 (which is just over 1% of my annual pre-tax income), so I’m planning on calling up and asking them to raise it to at least $1,000.

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I just got approved for capital one platinum MasterCard unsecured $300 CL! Now here’s the weird thing I’ve had a secured CAPITAL ONE PLATINUM CARD FOR 24 months with no graduation I deposited $200 when I first got it and they uped my credit limit to $500 but it’s still secured.

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What exactly does it take to get a capital one credit card upgrade ? I’ve had a platinum with a $500 limit for about 3 years and I still haven’t received an upgrade offer or credit limit increase. Probably because I dont use it. I have 5 other reward cards with over 3k limits so using a …

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What are the capital one Platinum Rewards?

Capital One Platinum does not have any rewards—it functions more as a gateway to credit building. Capital One Quicksilver offers a $200 bonus when you spend $500 within the first 3 months of opening the account. That breaks down to only around $167 a month in purchases during the promotional period.

What does Capital One look for in credit card pre-approvals?

Capital One also allows you to see if you’re pre-approved for any of its credit cards with no effect on your credit score. Whether you apply for Platinum or Quicksilver, Capital One will also assess your ability to make on-time payments based on your income, existing debts and other monthly expenses.

What is the difference between capital one platinum and Quicksilver?

Capital One Platinum is a starter credit card for people with limited credit. Quicksilver on the other hand, requires at least good credit for approval. That’s why Quicksilver offers such superior terms. Below, you can learn more about the Capital One Platinum and Quicksilver cards.

Does creditwise work with Capital One credit cards?

CreditWise availability will vary depending on ability to obtain your credit history from TransUnion® and is free for everyone whether or not you have a Capital One credit card. Manage your account anywhere, anytime. Pay your bill, view your balance and transactions—even stay on top of your credit for free with CreditWise.