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AmEx Platinum – Uber Credit Not Showing Up? : amex

AmEx Platinum – Uber Credit Not Showing Up? Hello people of r/AmEx ! I just got added as an AU on my wife’s new AmEx Platinum, and have had it for two weeks – however, I tried to add the card as a payment method to Uber & UberEats for my $15 Uber Cash and it still hasn’t come through.

How to use the Amex Gold’s $10 monthly Uber credit – The …

06-02-2021  · Amex Gold’s Uber benefits. Besides a terrific return on food purchases and monthly dining credit, the Amex Gold Card now comes with up to $120 in annual Uber Cash. This comes in the form of an up to $10 monthly Uber Cash credit and could be used on both Uber Eats orders and Uber rides in …

Platinum Uber Credits Not Showing In Ubereats, But Still …

10-10-2017  · Update: Credits showing up for December, yay! As everybody should know the American Express personal platinum card now comes with $15 in monthly Uber credits.This month a few readers have e-mailed me stating that their Uber credit hasn’t shown up, it turns out that those readers were only looking in their Ubereats app and not on the regular Uber app.

Amex Platinum Uber Credit Not Working – WalletHub

22-06-2020  · If the Amex Platinum Uber credit is not working, the Uber app may need to be updated. To download the latest version of the app, visit Google Play for Android mobile devices or the Apple App Store if using an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.. Once you’ve updated the Uber app, make sure to enable Uber Cash before you request a ride if the Amex Platinum Uber credit is still not working.

AMEX Gold Card issues with Uber Benefits : CreditCards

It auto renews so I re sign up every month that it’s free from AmEx and turn auto renew off so I don’t get charged for it after my free year is over, just in case I forget lol. Your $10 credit will show up as Uber Cash and I also get a notification it’s available every 1st of the month. Uber’s app sucks so it’s not just you.

Ubereats credit not showing up for August? : amex

02-08-2020  · Search within r/amex. r/amex. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. Found the internet! 0. Ubereats credit not showing up for August? Close. 0. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Ubereats credit not showing up for August? The credit shows up for Uber but not Ubereats. Is …

FAQ amex uber credit not showing up

How does the AMEX Uber credit work?

Amex’s Uber credit works differently than the card’s up to $120 in annual dining credit in that it doesn’t reimburse you in the form of a statement credit when making eligible purchases. Rather, you get Uber Cash deposited directly to your Uber account each month. Enrollment required for select benefits.

How do I claim Uber cash on my American Express card?

The American Express Gold Card now comes with monthly Uber Cash credits. Claiming it is as simple as a few taps on your phone. Once your card is linked to the Uber app, your credits will automatically be deposited to your account each month, with no further action necessary. Just remember to use your credits each month as they don’t carry over.

How many Uber accounts can I use my Amex Gold Card on?

An eligible American Express Gold Card may receive the Amex Benefit on one Uber account. If the same Card is added to multiple Uber accounts, only the first Uber account to which the Card is added will receive the Amex Benefit.

How do I get the Uber credit?

You won’t receive the credit all at once — instead, it’s divided into up to $15 per month, with an additional $20 in December. The Uber credit isn’t automatic — you must add your Platinum Card to your Uber account and select your Uber Cash balance as a payment method.