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Amex Platinum Military 2021 | $695 Fee Waived for Active Duty

01-08-2021  · Amex Platinum military benefits include waiving the $695 annual fee! Amex MLA waives fees for active duty & military spouses. Skip to content. … Thank you so much for posting this info. I am a military spouse and have a Delta Amex, I added my hubby (active duty Army) …

Best Credit Cards for Military Spouses 2021 | MLA and SCRA

24-03-2020  · Amex Gold Card: Top Recommended Card for Military Spouses. American Express Platinum. American Express Hilton Honors Aspire card. American Express Bonvoy Brilliant. American Express Blue Cash Preferred. Best Chase Credit Cards for …

Amex Platinum Card Benefits for Active-Duty Military [2021]

31-10-2021  · Spouse of an active-duty military member when credit is extended jointly; How to Request Benefits. Applying to receive SCRA benefits, which includes the waiver of the annual fee on your Amex Platinum card, is simple. Just log into your Amex Platinum card account online and select Account Services at the top of the page.

Why the Amex Platinum card is best for active-duty military

23-02-2021  · Why the Amex Platinum is the best card for military members. … Platinum, but also for any accounts when an active-duty member is registered as an authorized user, including on your spouse’s account. With the Amex Platinum, that’s a savings of $175 a year for up to three authorized users …

AMEX Waives Annual Fees for All Active Duty Military …

13-11-2019  · I am an active military spouse I was debating between Amex Platinum and Chase. I wanted Amex since I have been an amex card holder for years. I know they waive interest a while back when my husband was deployed and I had to purchased and expensive AC unit.

American Express Platinum waive fee for military spouse …

Updated: AmEx Platinum letter stated, “ we have suppressed the following fees from billing on your account statement for the duration of your active military duty.” I applied for my wife as well. I hope they will waive the $175 fee for her.

Service Members Civil Relief | American Express

Fax documents establishing your active duty status to 623-444-3000. Please make sure to include the applicable American Express account number (s). Mail. Send a copy of documents establishing your active duty status to: American Express, Attn: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, …

The Ultimate AMEX Platinum Setup Guide – You’re

11-03-2018  · Click “Account Services”, Click “Add Someone to Your Account. Select “Platinum Card”. Select “Additional Platinum Card from American Express” and enter Spouse information. You will NOT be charged an additional fee of $175 if you are an active duty service member. Click “Agree and Submit”.

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How much is the AMEX Platinum card for active duty military?

The Platinum Card® from American Express military policy waives the $695 per year annual fee on the Amex Platinum card for active duty servicemembers and military spouses. (rates and fees)

Are military spouses eligible for Amex Military Lending Act benefits?

If you are a military spouse married to an active duty US servicemember, you are also eligible to have your account enrolled in Amex Military Lending Act benefits and pay no annual fees. Again, you just need to check that you eligible for MLA benefits in the MLA database.

Does American Express waive annual membership fees for military service members?

After further research, I discovered that American Express waives annual membership fees for active duty military servicemembers. This includes the $550 per year AMEX Platinum card and all of the other cards in the AMEX portfolio.

How much does it cost to be an AMEX Platinum card holder?

For example, the AMEX Platinum card has a $450 fee associated with the privilege of being an account holder, but they will waive this fee completely under their expanded SCRA benefits. To apply: Go online or call 1-800-253-1720 to submit a request.

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