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Is the Amex Platinum worth the annual fee? – The Points Guy

Is the Amex Platinum Worth The $695 Annual Fee? – CNBC

14-10-2021  · With over $3,500 in potential value, it’s easy to justify having the American Express Platinum Card for one year — even with a nearly $700 annual fee. However, many of the above values are …

2021 American Express Platinum card Annual Fee

17-11-2021  · The American Express Platinum card annual fee is $695 per year. American Express Platinum card’s $695 annual fee is higher than the average annual fee among new credit card offers right now. It’s not the only fee you need to worry about with The …

Amex Platinum card adds new benefits, increases annual fee …

01-07-2021  · The Platinum Card from American Express is adding several new permanent travel and retail benefits, but these new perks come with a significantly higher annual fee.

Is The $695 Amex Platinum Annual Fee Worth It? An Honest …

26-07-2021  · There’s little question that The Platinum Card® from American Express is one of the best travel cards for frequent travelers who want lounge access, hotel status, a huge points bonus, and other luxuries. But those benefits don’t come cheap: The Amex Platinum annual fee just increased to a whopping $695 (see rates & fees). That’s enough to give almost anyone sticker shock.

New Platinum | The Platinum Card | American Express

See how you can unlock over $1,400 annually in credits on select purchases across travel, dining, fitness, and entertainment with the Platinum Card® from American Express. Terms apply.

Amex Platinum Card: Worth $695? (Calculator) — AskSebby

05-07-2021  · The Platinum Card® from American Express is your ticket airport lounge access, exclusive pre-sales for events, hotel status, and more. The card earns Membership Rewards points. If you can maximize the benefits, the card might be worth the $695 annual fee. Rates and fees.

How to Waive the Amex Platinum $550 Annual Fee — AskSebby

11-07-2020  · How to waive the Amex Platinum annual fee. The Platinum Card from American Express has a hefty $550 annual fee that might deter people from applying. However, there are a few ways to get the Platinum card for less, and potentially down to $0 depending on your situation.

American Express Annual Fee Rules — AskSebby

03-02-2018  · Dec 5, 2017 = Signed up for Amex Platinum. Jan 4, 2018 = $550 annual fee hits. Jan 5, 2018 = First statement closes. You have 30 days from Jan 5, 2018, to cancel for a full refund. Given Amex’s signup bonus rules, I would only cancel for Year 2 onwards (if negative expected value). * MA residents are entitled to a 2/3 refund of their annual fee …

Review: Is UK American Express Platinum worth the fee? (2021)

06-01-2021  · Our other UK airline and hotel credit card reviews can be found here. This article was updated on 1st December 2021, and all of the information is correct as of that date. Ignore the original publication date shown. Key link: American Express Platinum application page. Key …